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What does a Urogynecologist Do?

Most people are aware of what type of profession a gynecologist is versus what type of profession a urologist is. A urologist has a focus on the urinary system and a gynecologist has a focus on the female reproduction system, but there are specialists that have combined knowledge of both of these topics to become urogynecologists. These professions are able to be related enough that it makes sense for someone to specialize in both and have extensive knowledge of both of these subjects. This type of professional is going to be able to help women with their urology or pelvic issues. This article will give you a little more information about the benefits of visiting with a urogynecologist in Houston.

Although urogynecologists have knowledge in urology, they are also licenses obstetricians and gynecologists. Since they know about all of the things that go along with this area of the human woman’s body, they can help with pelvic muscle or pelvic organ issues. The training that the urogynecologists have will allow them to help with surgical and nonsurgical procedures that will allow their patients to get the results that they seek. The conditions that urogynecologists will be able to help their patients with are quite common and will affect 25% of women at some point. This is why their profession is so important.

Although surgery is often the first place that the patient’s mind goes when they hear they have an issue, there are actually a lot of interventions that can be done before surgery is decided upon. Behavioral or pharmacological treatments are also very valid options for a wide variety of illnesses. It is common that a doctor will want to try and fix the problem with other methods before deciding to go with surgery. There are exercises that a lot of doctors can teach their patients that may be able to help them correct the problem on their own, for instance.

You may be facing an issue that you don’t understand, so it is wise to talk with a urogynecologist to determine what is going on. They are the professionals that have the information that you may need. Even though it may seem easier to find answers online when you are facing a medical issue, it is always going to be more beneficial for you to speak with a doctor about the problem. A doctor will be able to give you more specific answers to the problem that you might be facing because they are able to speak with you about the things that may have caused or be exacerbating the issue itself.

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